Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to get grass in your chicken coop!

Every one who owns chickens knows that in a few short weeks your coop can go from a grassy wonderland to a smelly mud pit.
This one challenge has kept poeple from keeping poultry. But there is a simple remidy that can be built in under 30 minutes. Chicken coop grass growers!

This is how they work.The sides (2x6's) have garden wire (1/2 gauge) over the top to keep the grass growing but if it gets too tall the chickens can and will eat it.

Building directions:
You will need,
pressure treated 2x6s (of the desired lengths)
1/2 inch gauge garden wire/garden fencing
heavy duty wood staples
3-4 inch nails or wood screws

Cut the 2x6's to the length of the side of yoor coop that you plan to have your grass grower on.
The grass grower shoud not exceed 3 feet wide.
If the LENGTH of your grass grower exceeds 5 feet you should put an extra suport in the middle.
After you atatch all of the sides together place the wire over the top and atatch it together using the stapples.
Place it in your coop on level ground, then add unfertilized grass seed. If the grass seed does not grow, add unfertilized soil on top of the grass seed.

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